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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

VelScope Oral Cancer Screening

VELscope:  The Two-Minute Exam That Could Literally Save Your Life

Early detection of abnormalities that develop in the tissues of your lips, mouth and throat is essential in preventing possibly severe health issues from developing, such as oral cancer and other oral diseases.  To further our goal of protecting your health, our team utilizes the VELscope system to assess your overall oral health. This system is non-evasive and helpful in detecting oral abnormalities.

How does VELscope work?

  • VELscope emits a blue light that causes molecules deep in your oral tissue to react with a light of their own in shades of yellow, green and red. 
  • Using a filter to block out the reflected blue light, the VELscope can then enhance the contrast between normal and abnormal tissue.
  • This procedure is used during regular oral exams and only takes around one to two minutes.
  • The process is completely non-evasive and doesn’t use any rinses or dyes.

The Importance of VELscope

  • Around 36,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, and close to 8,000 of them don’t survive. The best way to treat and prevent the spread of oral cancer is early detection.  This is why the VELscope system could by life-saving. In less than two minutes, a complete oral scan can be completed, allowing dentists to discover any signs of trouble.
  • VELscope is also useful in detecting other oral problems that can make chewing, talking, swallowing and sleeping problematic. These issues can be avoided when found and treated early.

For more information on the VELscope system or to make an appointment, our office today. We can help you protect one of your most precious assets – your health.