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Gentle, Professional Cleanings

Gentle, Professional Cleanings

Consistently maintaining your oral hygiene is vital to avoiding dental problems and possibly serious health issues. While regularly brushing and flossing is necessary, you should also visit your dentist for regular cleanings at least twice a year. Cleanings are key to detecting and correcting initial problems such as cavities and gingivitis before they escalate into more serious issues. Not only will stopping these problems early save you time and pain, but money as well.

What Occurs in a Dental Cleaning?

  • Our standard cleaning procedure involves removing tartar and plaque above and below your gum line. After removing these bacteria build-ups, we also polish your teeth and apply fluoride topically.
  • We also use this process as an opportunity to check for dental problems such as cavity development, evidence of gum disease and possible signs of oral cancer.
  • If gum disease is discovered, we may recommend a deep gum cleaning to eliminate bacteria deep below the gum line.  A local anesthetic is administered with this as well, so you will feel no pain.

Why Cleanings are Important?

  • To discover and treat problems (cavities, broken teeth, decay, etc.) before they become problematic
  • To check for signs of gum disease and begin treatment if necessary.  Untreated gum disease has been linked to a number of health issues including heart disease, diabetes and strokes.
  • To inspect for abnormalities that may by oral cancer and begin treatment ASAP
  • Cleanings improve bad breath and give teeth a healthy, clean appearance

To improve and maintain not just your oral health, but overall health as well, schedule a cleaning with our office today.